YOOKiE & Kompany Unleash Monster Collaboration “GENOCiDE”

Hailing from New York, electronic pair brings an explosive, heavy-handed approach to bass music by incorporating Northern grit in their eclectic mixes. Performing alongside prominent artists like , , , , and , the American duo is quickly solidifying their presence in the dance music industry as multifaceted artists.

YOOKiE continues to bring their aggressive approach to bass-driven melody with their newest track, “GENOCiDE.” In their latest collaboration with , “GENOCiDE” evokes a trip into the dark matter cherished by their thriving fan base. Paired with growling synths and a monstrous drop, “GENOCiDE” conjures visions a brewing storm; an air austerity is created with bone-chilling piano keys, heavy drums, and a Silent Hill-esque siren sounding f in the background. Instantly, the listener is taken away into a hellish realm tectonic cacophony that beats bass right to the bone. Truly a classic addition to the signature New York edge present in their music, YOOKiE and Kompany’s “GENOCiDE” is sure to break necks and provide plenty cyber-fueled filth to festivals and shows alike.

You can check out the free download “GENOCiDE” NOW on .

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