Trials on Ketamine to treat depression show positive results

Words by Patrick Marshal

In a key follow up to an article we shared, the drug Ketamine has shown promise in it's first trial in Australia as treatment for depression.

The trial, conducted by UNSW and Black Dog Institute, was undertaken over the past few months with people aged 16 to 60-years age. So far, the trials have shown a positive result, but what is interesting about this study in particular is that the all participants again had what was considered "treatment-resistant depression".

What the study does are highlight the questions asked by Stoney's previous article, "are the ethics behind the use the chemical agreeable, or is it the scientific breakthrough we have all been waiting for?" and the answer is leaning towards a solid yes for the two questions. The results are experienced within minutes and it is said to be "an acceptable method for administering the drug in a safe and effective way". Seems pretty ethical to me.

Results like this you can't lie about the potential is has for more light to be shed on the positive effects it can have on individuals in need and further studies that should be carried out on the subject in the near future.


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