The White Panda Remixes Ember Island’s “Umbrella” Cover

The White Panda’s remix Ember Island’s  is a masterful rework The American mash-up gods coupled st and phantasmal opening vocals with a creeping bass line, and embellishments that sound like glitter falling across a keyboard. A subtle Caribbean vibe comes into play, interacting with chill tones reminiscent house music. With stylistic elements similar to that Jack Ãœ, the build up grows friendly and inviting, bestowing the remix with primitive, raw energy.

This transformative beat feels like a fresh wave rolling towards shore. Ember Island’s lead singer is a stand alone star in the Swedish trio’s cover, as the track’s minimalist beat closely resembles downplayed alternative rock, and contributes to the vocals’ haunting beauty. The lyrics continue as the main attraction, while The White Panda places their essence on the track by stimulating all ears.

Take a listen to the remix below:

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