The Head Of Roweglia, elrow's Iconic Chicken Mascot, Has Disappeared

The Head Of Roweglia, elrow's Iconic Chicken Mascot, Has DisappearedThe iconic costume head Roweglia, elrow’s chicken mascot, has mysteriously disappeared. The renowned party label has announced it will reward the one that returns the head. There has been no mention foul play or simple misplacement. This is not a drill, people.

In a tweet elrow posted earlier today, they reported the missing chicken’s head and pleaded for social media to secure its safe return. Deeply saddened by their loss, they have asked everyone to help.

— elrow (@elrow_) May 7, 2018

“Please, we ask for your help to share this in order to find it and keep the party going,” another tweet states from their account.

— elrow (@elrow_) May 7, 2018

While slightly comical, the feathery friend has been a permanent member since the party’s inception in 2010. She even graced the cover DJ Mag Ibiza last summer. From the beginning, elrow has grown to become the most popular event on the global circuit. They’ve taken place in 25 countries and reached over 1 million people annually.

The Elrow family has had six generations work in the entertainment industry. They come from a long line bar, ballroom and nightclub owners. Their brand is a legacy the family is proud . Elrow is every man’s brand because they intertwine theater and clubbing. It gives you something no one else can. No one else builds stages like they do, or provide costumed performers like they can.

Elrow’s big advantage is that it appeals to people who simply enjoy partying in the open air and being in a lively and colorful atmosphere. We hope Roweglia will re-appear in time for their Ibiza opening party at end the month. No family member should get left behind.

Be sure to reach out to elrow if you know where Rowgelia’s head is. Any help is appreciated!

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