Terrell Thomas Breaks Down Game 2  the 2017 NBA Finals on These Urban Times

On Monday June 5th, Terrell Thomas broke down his view Game 2 the 2017 NBA Finals on his live show “These Urban Times.

With the Golden State Warriors taking a (2-0) lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers after their Game 2 (132-113) victory, Terrell Thomas and LiveHipHopDaily’s Herb spoke with callers debating the results Game 1 and Game 2 as well as keys to Game 3.

Game 3 the 2017 NBA Finals takes place on Wednesday June 7th at 9pm on ABC. Watch Terrell Thomas’ NBA Final Game 2 recap These Urban Times below. Stay tuned to HHS1987 for more NBA news. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your NBA and sports news.