Tale Of Us prove Fashion Week loves techno at the Teksupport showcase

This past weekend Tale Of Us celebrated their collaborative fashion line with menswear designer Boris Bidjan Saberi for New York Fashion Week.

The show, as part Teksupport's _OTB (Outside The Box) series, brought an immersive presentation slated to test the boundaries dance music events.

In classic Tale Of Us style, the dramatic duo chose to takeover Manhattan's Gotham Hall, bringing the first electronic music showcase to the historic grand ballroom space. Centered around a massive chandelier with tall stone columns and stained glass, Teksupport placed Tale Of Us in the center the floor, creating a powerful 360 degree experience.

The six-hour set brought a refined crowd both techno and fashion fans, with a line almost entirely dressed in black winding down the corner West 36th Street and Broadway. Inside, the robust, shaking dance floor bounced with energy and a sensual element darkness.

Matteo and Carmine made good on their promise to make a statement with an extended set, taking full advantage the breathtaking venue and booming acoustics, with cathedral-like shadows pulsating against Afterlife and Tale Of Us classics, a plethora unreleased material and closing with their emotional rendition Hans Zimmer's 'Time'.

See photos from the event above.

Teksupport's next event will host Guy Gerber's RUMORS on September 16 at The Knockdown Center. Tickets .

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