Take your dance music city break to the next level with pentahotels

An issue that always rears its head when going to a foreign city for a clubbing getaway is where to stay. Nobody really wants to shell out for an Airbnb that could fall through at any moment and the rat-infested hostel down the road isn’t a much safer bet.

What always goes down are , who fer a fresh vision the hospitality industry and do away with the current state cookie cutter hotel chains.

As a travelling clubber, pentahotels fer the ingenious option to check in at the bar (setting f your holiday on exactly the right note) and also private gamer gadgets in certain suites for that inevitable comedown.

The chain currently has hotels based in the UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria and China, and are currently in the process expanding with a second hotel in Hong Kong and one in Russia. And, yes, Berlin is stocked with two hotels for when you spend the requisite 36 hours at Berghain.

Normally accommodation is simply somewhere to lay your head on a clubbing city break, the quality on fer at pentahotels might just have you looking to stay in one the nights. Get into their state mind .

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