Studio 338 returns with a weekend of parties

It's been a year since Studio 338 closed its doors after being badly damaged by fire. Now, after a serious renovation, the East London venue has announced its reopening.

The Greenwich venue will celebrate with a weekend parties on October 27, 28 and 29. The newly renovated building promises sleek new architecture, fresh lighting and a brand new sound system.

Studio 338 will retain its Balearic feel. The new space has been built almost entirely airport-grade glass and steel columns. There will also be a LED light installation called ‘The Octopus’ which, unsurprisingly, features video screen tentacles. The space has also been fitted with a custom built VOID acoustics system and a rubberised dance floor. The Studio has also been kitted out with a new VOID rig and will features the venue’s trademark greenery.

Studio 338 will announce details its opening parties on September 8. Check out its or for more details.

Read the full statement by Music & Events Director, Dan Perrin below.

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