Spotify Playlist: Obscure techno tracks to push your workout harder

Here at Mixmag, we aim to keep you loaded with playlists as regularly as possible.

I's time for a weekly addition to our Spotify ranks with a new selection called 'The Workout'.

Curated by our in-house fitness fanatic and US Digital Content Editor, carefully picked through trial during her daily training sessions.

It's all about obscure, highly textured techno for the start this week. With the Friday, Saturday benders behind us, it's time to jump back into our beloved fitness routines.

First up is a ringing, pitched edit Ambivalent's 'Drag' by Dustin Zahn and Click Box's percolating 'Razzamatazz'.

The trend twisting tangibility continues with 'Word' by Troy Pierce and 'El Encuentro' by Alex Under and heavy hitters from Magda, Mark Houle and Exrawelt.

Check out the full 'The Workout' Playlist below.

Sydney is Mixmag's US Digital Content Editor and will be curating The Workout, follow her on Twitter

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