Spotify playlist: 50 hypnotic new bass heaters

It’s that time the week folks!

Oh yes, it’s big bad bass day here at Mixmag and it’s safe to say we’ve loaded up our playlist with yet another eclectic selection transcendent tunes.

An affinity for the experimental will serve you well this week as labels and artists fer up a whole host fresh, futuristic productions. From Mana and Fatima Al Qadiri on Hyperdub to the return dubstep don Joker, we've packed the playlist full new, f-kilter tunes sure to leave you hypnotized both on and f the dancefloor.

Tune in to hear material from the likes Iglooghost, Lunice and Ani Klang and more, as well as a track from Zomby's new EP 'GASP!'. Teetering f into techno-inflected territory, our pick from the release is a distinctly dark and dangerous cut packed full delicious drama.

Lastly, we just had to top the selection f this week with a track from Visionist (pictured). With his forthcoming full-length 'Value' landing next month, his latest single 'No Idols' is a glorious glimpse into the highly-anticipated new project.

Be sure to follow the playlist on for a weekly round-up club-ready cuts and dancefloor demolition.

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