Spotify playlist: 50 drum 'n' bass tracks to rev you up for the week ahead

What's that? A new playlist? Containing the freshest drum 'n' bass tunes? Yeah, that's right.

Adding to our rank Spotify playlists including and and and , the best new d'n'b has now arrived.

We'll be loading it with the best from labels such as Exit, Metalheadz, Critical and loads more on a weekly basis and the first installment is packed with tunes from across the spectrum. Expect moody rollers, scything growlers and super smooth liquid.

This one features the likes Technimatic, Artificial Intelligence, Fracture and S.P.Y, while two tunes from My Nu Leng's first d'n'b EP also sit in there. Remixes included come from Break, LSB and Philth.

Lock in below for your first taste our d'n'b feast.

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