Spotify playlist: 100 trance classics that will have you reaching for the lasers

Any hardcore Paul Van Dyk fan would have known it was the 19th anniversary his hit 'For An Angel' reaching number one in the UK last week. As ever, we were on hand to remind those that were completely unaware the milestone.

It's a joyous trance classic loved by the masses and it sparked something in our head: there's so many more trance classics from the late '90s and early '00s that deserve to be shown some admiration.

So here it is: our 100-track playlist stone cold trance anthems. Paul Van Dyk's obviously has a few tracks in there, Darude's 'Sandstorm' was a given, Tiësto stars and the late Robert Miles features with his unforgettable 'Children'. Of course, ATB's '9PM (Till I Come)' is in there, too.

Lock into over 10 hours trance treasures below.

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