REZZ Releases Unholy Beast of a Debut Album, ‘Mass Manipulation’

s debut album is here, and buckle up, because it’s one hell a trip through a hypnotic onslaught wonky bass. The EDM community is a bit a loss for words for what to call this subgenre that REZZ has thrived on for the past two years. I’ve heard the terms industrial bass and dark house thrown around, but my favorite has to be alien bass. REZZ really has procured a sound that hasn’t been exercised by anyone else, and it deserves a name that embodies the feel it.

Mass Manipulation is an 8-track project that amounts to around 30 minutes, making it her first ficial LP. You’ll do anything but “Relax” during the intro track the album. As a distorted, creepy voice coaxes you into a state relaxation, REZZ drops a dripping wet bass line that kicks f Mass Manipulation perfectly. This is easily one my favorite songs on the album, but there are still seven more tracks to journey through.

Before the album dropped, I had some slight concern that REZZ would continue with her signature sound that she used to amass her cult following. What I’m referring to is her structure song that begins with a minor chord progression that eventually leads into a heavy drop that catches you f guard (see: “”). Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s genius, and there’s a reason it worked so well for her, but I wanted to see more from Space Mom. I was pleased to see her sound evolve into something totally beyond what she started with, but still stick to her roots.
The rest the album weaves you through some the trippiest, grimiest, face melting leads and drops I’ve ever heard. A couple my other favorite cuts f Mass Manipulation are “DRUGS!”, “Green Gusher”, and “Synesthesia”. If you weren’t a Rezzbian before you started listening to this album, you certainly will be afterwards.

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