Psycho On The Moon: Kid Cudi Allegedly Sent Over 168 Text Messages To His Baby Mother In Four Days

Psycho On The Moon: Kid Cudi Allegedly Sent Over 168 Text Messages To His Baby Mother In Four Days

Kid Cudi Is Taking Aim At Everyone In His Life

Kid Cudi seems to be going through some turmoil in his life. After ranting publicly about Kanye and Drake not too long ago, it appears the mother his child has also been a target. Jasmine Brand broke the news a few days ago that Cudi’s baby mother, Jacqueline Munyasya, filed an order protection against him. This wasn’t the first time she’s had to use the legal system to her advantage as she sued the rapper in 2010 for child support.

The order protection was filed after Cudi “allegedly texted her in excess 168 messages – between August 11th and 14th – in which he threatened to call child services on her and that he was going to “send the guy to stand by my house” and that she was “so gross and sick n the head” and “ain’t sh*t” and he was going to serve her with legal papers because he was seeking sole custody their daughter.”

Apparently, he was bothering her so much that she had to reschedule some exams because the emotional turmoil he was causing her. Munyasya claims she wasn’t aware any show or event that Cudi has in Chicago so she “feared for her safety.” Supposedly, Cudi demanded time with their daughter and threatened to start a prolonged social media campaign against Munyasya.

via Jasmine Brand

She says not knowing whether he was in Chicago for work, she feared for her safety. She alleges that he continued to sent text messages, which caused her to reschedule her final exams for school due to the stress and distraction caused by his threats.

Jacqueline says the rapper demanded parenting time with their daughter during time that she already informed him she would be spending with their child. She claims despite him being in Chicago for Lollapalooza, he never contacted her to see their child.

She says that he also threatened to go to the news and contact outlets and even threatened that he would create a Twitter hashtag “Justice for Vada” (his daughter’s name) and would blast it on social media for months and even make t-shirts. She explains his previous negative tweets about her have caused his millions fans to suggest violence against her.

As a result all this, the judge granted her an order protection against the Ohio artist which doesn’t end until August 18th, 2017.

What do you think about Cudi’s ongoing struggles? Do you think his baby mother was right for her actions?

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