Premiere: Isaac Tichauer gives Panama’s ‘Undertow’ a dreamy rework

Words by Max Jacobson

Sydney's Isaac Tichaurer has taken on the much loved Panama track 'Undertow', providing a house-heavy remix that drags the original out to 7 and a half beautiful minutes. Warning: Isaac will cast you under his spell with this track! It is that hypnotic.

He turns the original low-key track on it's head and creates a vibe that will work for a long late-night drive, or a sesh at home. It's really appropriate for just about any chilled out, enclosed setting. It justifies it's length with layered textures and an irresistible groove, but manages to serve the original track some justice in keeping it's core melodies. Isaac knows too well how to keep us captivated in his chilled out house vibes.

We are compelled by the power vibe. This leaves us hungry for more the producers works, and while nothing is announced just yet, things can only look up from this SoundCloud remix. At the end the day, this remix will last us some time.

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