Noah Neiman – “Hold On To Love” (Feat. Laci Kay)

 Texan is back with another tune for the summer. is a melodic, yet upbeat EDM track that plays with our heart strings.

“Hold On To Love” begins with Laci Kay singing lightly in our ear while a drop is eagerly building up with each passing second. We are then transported with vivacious snares and heavy pounding bass. There are quick breaks Laci Kay repeating the title, “hold on to love…Hold on to love…” all before the bass kicks back in. This sequence repeats two more times for good measure and then gently drifts away with the strong voice Laci Kay. This pop/trap mashup leaves the listener utterly dazzled. 

It all started with the vocal Synth in the drop.” Neiman explains. â€œIt was part a vocal I found online and after working it into a melody, the track just started coming together really quickly and I ended up finishing the instrumental in a day or two.”

“Hold On To Love” is the kind  song you’d want to hear at a steamy outdoor show. I wouldn’t be surprised if I heard any the top DJs out there drop this track. You can bet this is not the last we hear Noah Neiman. We look forward to hearing Neiman’s new EP next, coming out shortly Enhanced records.


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