Nile Rodgers on Chic's new tour: "It’s pretty over the top and spectacular"

This summer, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Earth, Wind & Fire join forces as they present 2054 The Tour.

The much-loved acts will tour North America for a string dates, encouraging concert-goers to "dance the night away" as they look to combine the disco madness Studio 54 and the present day.

In conversation with the , Rodgers revealed: “When you see the set and how we are approaching the show it’s pretty over the top and spectacular.”

The Daft Punk collaborator also added that the tour would be "loaded with lots symbolism" in the same year Chic celebrate the 40th anniversary their acclaimed, self-titled debut album.

Chic's is also arriving this year, with Rodgers saying he's ready to release 'It's About Time' soon, after delaying it due to the deaths George Michael, Natalie Cole, Prince and David Bowie.

Rodgers said: “When Bowie died and Prince died, it was just too much for me. But now I’ve had enough time to get over my emotions and to reorganize the record. I’m committed to it.”

Head for tickets to the tour and further information.

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