Music photographer Sarah Ginn quits the industry due to "misogyny and bullying"

Music photographer Sarah Ginn has announced she is quitting music photography due to misogyny from male artists.

Ginn, the resident photographer for London club fabric, wrote a lengthy post detailing how her experience being objectified at gigs has made her unable to look at her work and led her to make her decision.

"So today is the day. I have decided to quit music photography. I never thought I would come to this point but the misogyny and bullying I have had to endure over the last three years should not be something that anyone has to go through.

"I got into this as I loved music and wanted to make it look beautiful and I have the upmost respect for those that create it. But it's not really enough if you get judged on just what you look like.

"It doesn't matter what you achieve if people objectify you as fair game because you are backstage. Am I not a person? Do you think that my body is the only thing to me?"

A photographer mainly underground bass music gigs, she went on to write that she's unable to work to her highest standard if she is not respected by those she has been shooting.

"I don't want to make this a gender issue but I don't want to have my sexuality questioned and the huge number other things I have had to put up with.

"This has been a very tough decision to make. However, if I am not respected and valued by the people I shoot as an equal I can't make them look amazing, morally it's wrong for my images to be a lie."

Ginn thanked all those that have enjoyed her work throughout her career and said she will continue to work in photography, but focus on corporate, production and events work.

Head to see Ginn's work and read her full post below.

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