Midland's 'FABRICLIVE 94' mix will give you "total clarity and euphoria"

Midland is in charge the next FABRICLIVE mix.

The Graded boss said on Facebook that he’s behind number 94 in the series, which will be out September 22.

Midland wrote: “I bought my first fabric CD 15 years ago (Radioactive Man) and used to obsess over the artwork, the embossed metal tins and everything to do with the club. I even used to design my own CD covers in my A-level art classes. It is a club that has been a huge part my life and to be given the chance to enter the series means more than I can fully articulate.”

Partly sequenced at south London's Corsica Studios, Midland describes his mix as "an ode to all facets club culture in which the listener will feel all the emotions a night out from beginning to end.

The press releases reads: "The start the mix flows straight in as if you have walked in to club during someone's set – there’s no defined start or end point. There are times when you feel disorientated and overwhelmed and then the moments total clarity and euphoria."

It contains tracks from Roman Flugel, Kowton, Juju & Jordash, General Ludd and Daphni who tracks from his upcoming 'FABRICLIVE 93' mix which is due out on July 21.

Check out the tracklist for 'FABRICLIVE 94' below.

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