Mickey Factz Returning To Battle Rap Against Daylyt

Worcester, MA – Mickey Factz is stepping back into the realm battle rap. The Achievement: Circa ‘82 MC is set to finally face f against Daylyt after a years-long leadup. The battle, which will be his first ficial showing since 2013, is part King Of The Dot’s “MASSacre 3” event, which takes place on July 22 at The Worcester Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“I said why not … lets jump back in the ring,” Factz posted on Wednesday (June 7). “Mickey Vs Daylyt on Mass 3 for @kingthedot.”

A potential matchup between Factz and Daylyt was discussed back in 2014 but never panned out. Over the years, the two have held a mutual respect for each other, and praised each other’s lyricism.

DX reached out to Factz for his thoughts on the matchup. He told us: “Mickey Factz vs. Daylyt is for the fans lyricism. Uncut. Unfiltered. Raw. I expect Daylyt to bring his A+ game because I am prepared to show him, his fanbase and the folks at KOTD the difference.”

Day, who recently released his Let There B Lyt album with TDE collaborator Willie B, was quick to promote the battle on Twitter.

He also slyly referenced his goal to battle Eminem while showing f his history taking on well-known MCs like Ab-Soul and Madchild.

“MASSacre 3” also features Pat Stay vs. Bigg K and Iron Solomon vs. Arsonal. More announcements will be made in the near future. Tickets are on sale now at the ficial KOTD website.

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