Meet Shimon, the Robot That Can Create and Play Music

Shimon, the newly created robot that can write and play music is turning heads left and right. Ph.D student Mason Bretan and Director Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology, Gill Weinberg, are the masterminds behind this ingenious idea and have been creating this work art for the past seven years.

Shimon can create and play compositions using Artificial Intelligence as well as a process called Deep Neural Learning. As he’s built with four arms and eight sticks, Shimon was taught from a plethora artists including Beethoven, Miles Davis, and the Beatles.

In the video below, he is shown using his multiple talents to create his own ideas to produce an original piece on the marimba.

Shimon is already performing with people in the music scene and was included at the Aspen Idea Festival. This could possibly be the future for all sorts music, especially in the EDM scene.

It would be an out--bounds experience if we saw Daft Punk bring out good ol’ Shimon for a festival set. We can’t wait see where this new advance in technology will take the culture music!


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