Live music in the UK boosts the economy by £4 billion

A new study conducted by UK Music has outlined a 12 per cent rise in audience attendance at live music events over the past 12 months, with the new crowd figure sitting at 30.9 million.

With more people than ever before at festivals, gigs and shows across the nation, the rise in attendance has generated an estimated £4 billion for the UK economy.

UK Music’s Wish You Were Here study also uncovered the importance music tourism plays within our culture. Citing a 20 per cent increase in fans willing to travel to, and around, the UK for live music, the research found that almost a million overseas visitors flocked to the UK for live music events in 2016, spending an average £850 during their visits.

However, the study also unveiled a major setback for small-capacity venues, finding visitors to establishments with 1500 capacities or lower are spending significantly less money during their time in the venue.

UK Music's chief executive Michael Dugher explains: "Live music in the UK is a tremendous success story and makes a massive contribution to our culture and general wellbeing, as well as our economy.

"UK Music will continue to campaign to safeguard smaller music venues, many which are fighting for survival".

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