Lick Twist & Gold Spectacles – “Lights On Lights Out”

“Lights On Lights Out” is a brand new single from & Gold Spectacles that will tug at your heartstrings on this fine Wednesday.

The one--a-kind single fers a taste pure elation with a four-on-the-four groove, shimmering chord progressions and an unmatchable top-line. The forward-looking collaboration is driven by Lick Twist’s appreciation for music that that makes listeners feel.

The indie/dance fusion has a unique flair that fits perfectly within the summer-to-fall transitional soundscape. As the sun begins to set, “Lights On Lights Out” leaves a flicker brightness in its path with its beautiful melodic arrangement.

New York duo Lick Twist, comprised  Daniel and Jed, two 22-year-old producers, songwriters, and composers, focuses on well-produced music that is full soul and a blend acoustic and electronic influences. They teamed up with baroque-pop duo Gold Spectacles from London for “Lights On Lights Out.” Listen below:

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