Levon Vincent has revealed details his new LP 'For Paris', which is inspired by an epiphany he had urging him to embrace and promote peace.

The record comes in response to the public comments he made following the Paris attacks in 2015, when he advised people to arm themselves and fight against terrorism.

The New-York-based DJ took to Facebook to publicly apologise for the “horrible” comments he made in 2015 and announce the details his new album.

He said: “I want you to know I took things very seriously - I didn’t fully realize at that time that anyone thought me as more than just a prankster or like, a techno dude making silly song titles. But actually what I learned is that the music industry has a lot in common with political establishment."

With hopes to ignite a “new peace movement”, the ten-track EP includes track titles “A Call For Global Peace: In 3 Parts” and “If We Choose Peace”.

The digital version 'For Paris' will be available next week and the vinyl version will follow in December.

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