Kopparberg’s Recycle Rig brings unexpected music to London parks with a soundsystem powered by empties

Swedish cider company encouraged park goers to embrace it’s Fånga Dagen values living, meaning “Life is what you make it”, by bringing the party to venues in East London in return for their empties.

Touching down at Victoria Park, London Fields and Shoreditch Park in mid-August, ’s music selection came courtesy the Recycling Rig, a mobile, 30-speaker system built from up-cycled materials such as reclaimed wood.

might have provided the sound system and DJ, but park-goers were essentially in charge how loud the music played as this depended on how many empties were handed in. That’s some incentive, right?

Unsurprisingly, the bottles kept on coming with the promise bumping house tunes and remixes dance classics as the sun beamed down on East London.

The Rig was back in action on bank holiday weekend. This time, Londoners were invited to an exclusive party at Number 90, East London featuring DJ Yoda and Pixie Geld.

Keeping the party going is high on ’s agenda and if you can effortlessly keep the place tidy at the same time, everyone’s a winner.

See the Recycling Rig in action below.

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