Interview: Clueless speaks on the benefit of community in nightlife

In a city that is, to be frank, under the pump in terms it's nightlife; it is important to take note those out there killing it week-to-week, making a living in a nightlife scene that certainly has the odds stacked against them.

One person doing this is Tori Roe, better known in the Sydney club circuit as Clueless.

We caught up with the Sydney based selector this week to talk about Sydney's nightlife, how the lockout laws have effected the scene and the importance community.

Stoney Roads: Hey Tori! How long have you been DJing for?

Tori: Hey legends! I’ve been playing in clubs for 3 and a half years now even though it feels like so much longer haha!

SR: Before Djing, did you go out a lot? What made you decide to start?

T: I did! I became a promotor at SOHO almost as soon as I turned 18. The atmosphere, music and amazing friends I met while out were all incredible and wanting to become a DJ was a natural progression for me from there I think :)

SR: You've been playing the Aussie club circuit for a few years now, from your experience, what can you tell us about nightlife pre and post lockout laws?

T: Pre lockout laws Sydney nightlife was crazy vibrant! I remember leaving the club at around 6am every weekend and going out during the week to many clubs which no longer exist. Post lockout laws so many the club nights I used to attend have shut down which makes me sad, and a close set is usually 2 or 3am now with the lockouts which means less slots for DJ’s so I guess it’s become a little harder for up and coming DJ’s to get a gig post lockout laws.

SR: As a Sydney local enduring the struggling nightlife scene, would you say it is bouncing back finally or still struggling due to the laws?

T: I actually do think it’s bouncing back! So many new club nights are popping up everywhere and Sydney has really thrown their support behind the scene especially with the amazing efforts campaigns like #KeepSydneyOpen. I think the future is bright for Sydney nightlife right now, so many clubs are at capacity every weekend at the moment and it’s so amazing to see!

SR: There seems to be a great nightlife community in Syd, particularly with local DJs. Do you think this helps when you have a tough climate to work in?

T: 100%! There are so many legends in Sydney, I honestly have so much love for every single DJ doing their thing and supporting the scene! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely supportive each other which I think has massively contributed to how well we have bounced back after the initial blow the industry took from the lockouts :)

SR: Who are some up-and-coming local DJs we should keep an eye on, and some old heads you look up to?

T: There are so many cool DJ’s in the Sydney scene at the moment, everyone should be keeping an eye on legends like Kuren and Enschway (who are already blowing the fuck up) and watch out for my gals Emma Bass, Sippy and Val York who are all killing the game at the moment!

Old school Dj’s I will forever look up to include Anna Lunoe, Go Freek, Lo’99 and A Tonez!

SR: Finally, you’re playing Sosueme this Wed. What are 5 tunes you'll be spinning on the night?

T: Yes I am and I’m super excited for it!! I’ll be playing my usual housey vibe but these tracks are essentials in my sets at the moment.
1. Came To Get Funky- Cazztek 2. Hooey- Brohug 3. Bring The Funk- Tony Romera 4. Wait a Minute - Volac, Peazy 616 5. Watch It Bounce- Paper Planes - If you dig a midweek party and free stuff, be sure to catch Clueless on the decks at this Wednesday night.

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