Ibiza Rocks Hotel upgrades to Void Acoustics soundsystem

Ibiza Rocks has upgraded the soundsystem its flagship Ibiza Rocks Hotel to a brand new Void Acoustics rig.

Heavyweight sound is assured, with the extensive new set-up now in place. The courtyard is equipped with 12 Arcline 8s and six Stasys Xair low frequency enclosures, together with Air Motion and Cyclone 10 fills throughout the venue. There’s also a pair Air Vantage with three Venu 215 low-frequency enclosures to handle monitor duties. So expect optimum sound levels across all corners the groundbreaking White Isle spot, whether you’re right in the thick the crowd, in the booth or watching from a balcony above.

Speaking about the decision to upgrade to Void Acoustics, the CEO and founder the Ibiza Rocks Group Andy McKay said: "Void provide excellent systems and we knew them as probably the most respected new player in the dance world, providing the sound for the likes Sankeys and DC10. When we found out they had launched a new high-end touring system, suitable for live and club music, we were naturally drawn to working with them.

“Void ooze credibility in the dance world; we ooze credibility in the live arena, so Ibiza Rocks Hotel is the perfect place to showcase this new system. Not only does it allow Void to put it in front some the most credible music artists in the world, it takes us into a new phase as our event portfolio evolves to include more daytime clubbing which is what our audience want.”

Since its launch in 2005, Ibiza Rocks has strived to fer a new flavour to complement the island’s dance music domination, booking acts such as Florence and the Machine, Biffy Clyro, Stormzy and LCD Soundsystem to perform on its renowned stage.

With the Void Acoustics soundsystem now installed to aid the venue’s desire to innovate in Ibiza, 2017 looks set to mark its biggest and best summer yet.

Andy McKay has expressed his excitement about the partnership, adding: “We are all about daytime pool parties with top talent this summer and the beauty having a hotel with the pool and stage in the middle is that we can deliver club levels volume, without causing outside disruption. I don’t think anyone else on the island can say that.

“Our guests can dance outdoors by the pool all day in the sunshine with the music loud and feel totally unrestricted. It’s a pretty unique situation for Ibiza and the new Void system will help us to create that incredible atmosphere. There’s a real energy in this company and we’re really excited by that.”

Photo: Elliot Young]

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