Here's What It Takes to Be An "Ultra Angel"

Here's What It Takes to Be An "Ultra Angel"

Ever wondered what it takes to be an Ultra Angel? Or maybe you’ve got no idea as to what the title even signifies.

Ultra Angels are essentially the face Ultra, they’re a stunning group versatile dance performers—but don’t mistake them for just a pretty face—they go through rigorous training and dance rehearsals to be in tip top shape for their Ultra Music Festival debut.

Ultra Angel, Brittany Mars—or BMARZ—on her YouTube channel, has shared her personal journey to the Ultra 2018 mainstage. In her vlog, she documents the intense choreography practices and standards that the Ultra Angels are expected to abide by. In her video, we get to see some exclusive backstage moments and a look at what it really takes to be an essential part the Ultra experience. Take a look at her video below.

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