Gramatik and Galactic Marvl Release “Voyager Twins”

Gramatik, the Slovenian but NYC-based producer, has just released a new single “Voyager Twins” with Galactic Marvl. Gramatik has had a busy 2017, with several new releases as well as a jam-packed tour schedule. “Voyager Twins” is his fourth release the year, with in collaboration with Griz as Grizmatik being the first andwith Eric Krasno being the most recent. Compared to the laid-back feel “Recovery”, “Voyager Twins” is a more upbeat and bass-heavy single.

As mentioned previously, “Voyager Twins” is co-produced by . Almost nothing is known about this producer except that they are connected to the Armada record label. Based on their impressive previous releases, along with this banging new single with Gramatik, Galactic Marvl seem to be poised for both the mainstage and more laidback anthems alike, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him/her/them. 

“Voyager Twins” was released on July 19, 2017 on and is available to stream for free on . Stay hype for the ficial “Voyager Twins” music video, which will be released soon, and check out Gramatik’s tour schedule for the rest the year .

Experience “Voyager Twins” right here. Safe travels. 

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