Fair Or Foul: Is Drake Out Of Line For Mocking Kid Cudi’s Mental Illness?

Drake Mocks Kid CuDi’s Mental Health

Drake and Kid Cudi have been at odds ever since Cudi went on a rant about his former buddy from Toronto. Since then, Cudi announced that he was suffering from mental illness and is going to rehab for his suicidal thoughts. Drake decided to poke fun at it in his newest song.

Yall: No one takes mental illnesses in the black community seriously

Also Yall listening to Drake speak on Cudi's MI & Drug abuse: pic.twitter.com/Ezgu4g9rsj

— Demetrius Harmon🎃 (@meechonmars) October 24, 2016

The song references Cudi’s mental health issues but it’s unclear if it was made before or after Cudi’s admission to rehab. Either way, there’s a debate swirling. Is this outside the lines? Is this okay? Let us know.