Essential: HOSH announces new label project INSTANT Fryhide with Artbat's 'Tabu'

With no promo, premieres or press announcements in advance, Diynamic Music staple Holger Behn, AKA , has launched a new concept for his up-and-coming label, titled INSTANT Fryhide.

The thinking behind this new concept for his personal imprint (which is derived from the German word 'freedom') is to “get away from the classic way releasing with long schedules and special timeframes and having to wait for the right b-side”. He states that the project is about “one moment, one strong track, no remixes, no compromises and no nonsense”.

INSTANT Fryhide's durable, totemic and prompt debut is a track called 'Tabu', which comes from Ukrainian-based duo Artur and Batish, otherwise known as Artbat.

Stream the single below.

Watch HOSH's exclusive Lab NYC set .

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