Electric Forest, Bassnectar and TWLOHA Premiere Video for National Suicide Prevention Week

Music festivals have always been about bringing people together, but there’s one festival that continues to go above and beyond in that category.

That festival is . The folks behind this festival fer so many different programs that they put forth their site, like Her Forest and Electric Forces. The latest project that they’ve unveiled is a collaboration with and , a non-prit organization which aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self-injury and thoughts suicide, while also investing directly into treatment and recovery. This week is , and Electric Forest has released a powerful, emotional video about the project.

The project was simple, but impactful. “If a phone rang in The Forest, would you answer?” Out everyone that picked up that ringing phone, none them knew who would be on the other side. They certainly didn’t know or expect it to be the Forest favorite and resident artist Bassnectar. If you follow Bassnectar, you know he’s almost always radiating positivity wherever he goes. I don’t think Forest could have picked a better person to be on the other side. In a  article, he goes on to describe this project as his favorite part the entire weekend. I’m sure those people who he talked to and really connected with could say the same thing.

Although music is an amazing tool in connecting people with one another, Electric Forest shows that festivals can do so much more than just provide a great lineup. It’s projects and workshops like these that show that some people are really going the extra mile to try and create a lasting community. It’s no wonder why people keep on coming back to this festival year after year when all this love is being spread.

If you are in crisis, please call the  at  or contact the  by texting TALK to .

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