Ed Sheeran’s Glasto rider is just as dry as his music

Headlining Glastonbury is an opportunity afforded to just a small selection artists, a once-in-a-lifetime kind gig. So when the opportunity lands in your lap, the sky’s the limit to make the experience as epic as possible. A fleet bright white doves – yes! Jacuzzis full bubbling champagne backstage - yes! That is unless you’re Ed Sheeran.

What could become known as the wildest thing to hit the British shores since Ozzy Osbourne went for that poor bat, Ed Sheeran has asked, nay demanded, that he be supplied with what appears to be the contents a primary school snack shop. According to a "leaked" copy his rider, Sheeran has gone for a bottle Robinsons Squash, a six-pack Coca-Cola, a six-pack Diet Coke, a six-pack Fanta Orange and a six-pack Sprite. There's also a jar honey, to keep his vocal cords warm.

It reads a bit like the ingredients for the summer party you had for your 11th birthday, so hang on to your hat, because it looks like Sheeran's headline slot is going to be crazy. That's a hell a lot sugar he's about to consume.

The total bill for the rider apparently clocks in at just under £60, which should leave enough change for a couple Freddos if he fancies a snack.

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