Dekmantel announce 2017 link up with Patta

Dekmantel have announced their annual hook up with streetwear brand Patta. The collection features pieces including a hoodie and a bandana designed by label mainstay and eclectic selector Young Marco.

The items feature various graphic prints and co-branding from both parties. Dekmantel and Patta worked with director Bear Damen to produce a collection video illustrating the designs. The short is about "two dimensions monitoring each other, and a transition between them". Damen has previously worked with artists such as Jacco Gardner and Sie Winterson.

If that's not enough to whet your appetite, each tracksuit comes with an exclusive gift: a vinyl featuring new music from either GE-OLOGY or Self Egg. touches on the electro Drexciya whilst takes old-school house traits and delves into a soulful, cosmic melody.

The collection features a nylon tracksuit, hooded sweater, dual logo sports waist bag, dual logo running cap and Young Marco bandana and is set for general release August 1.

Buy Dekmantel x Patta the Dekmantel .

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