Datsik and 1000volts Hold Up Weed Dispensary in “Monster” Music Video

Datsik has been extremely busy the past few months, bouncing between projects as he continues to claim the dubstep world as his kingdom. Now, the bass-face inducing producer has teamed up with 1000volts to release a music video for the collaboration’s track “Monster”. “Monster” has every ounce Datsik’s influence laced with 1000volts mastermind lyrical soundtrack. For those you not in the know, 1000volts is a duo comprised hip-hop legend, Redman, and world-renowned turntableist and producer, Jayceeoh.

“Monster” brings together three massively influential artists and the crafts they’ve pioneered through their careers. And what makes it even heavier? Redman’s “Dare Iz A Darkside” record was one the first that Datsik ever purchased, instilling in the minds hopeful up-and-coming artists everywhere that dreams can come true.

The video opens with some serious stacks weed placed on a dispensary counter, when Redman and Jayceeoh bust in to jack the stash. They rely on their Uber driver, Datsik, as their getaway car … bad idea.

Check out the video now:

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