Damon Albarn Allegedly Left The New Gorillaz Album In A Taxi

Damon Albarn, the principal songwriter for the Gorillaz, manages so many different projects that we are positive that they drive him crazy at times. Recently, The Mirror reported that this assumption was correct as he accidentally left behind his laptop in the back a taxi – one that contained the entirety the new Gorillaz album and the incredibly valuable visual assets that distinguish them apart from many other artists. Talk about driving someone up the wall…

The frontman the popular Brit-pop band Blur was gearing up to released the new album sometime in 2018; however, if someone were to get a hold his precious electronic devise – i.e. his entire world – the entire project would have to be scraped and it would mean that they would be forced to go back to the drawing board.

Although only limited information relating to the new album has been released, it has been gathered that Albarn’s views on Brexit will come into play with the overall result. During a previous speech on the topic at the 2018 Brit Awards, the talented songwriter touched on the hot topic:

Albarn is currently counting his blessings as he was able to recover the laptop from the gracious taxi driver.

All in all, we believe that he learned his lesson and ultimately, no harm was done. We absolutely cannot wait to hear the new album and hope that it will be released sooner rather than later.

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