Conro Releases ‘Connecting the Dots’ EP on Monstercat

Conor Patton is a Canadian producer that goes by the alias Conro. Since he was a young lad, he set out to achieve his dreams becoming a well-established musician. He was born and raised in a musical family. He began playing violin at the age seven, and then transitioned into playing in the Saskatoon Youth Symphony orchestra. He also learned piano, guitar, and drums. He’s connected the dots and swiftly worked his way to stardom. Now, he’s releasing music on the prestigious label.

Conro is a young and budding producer that is making a transition from performing in local rock n’ roll and alternative bands. These passions garnered him local support from his community. He’s mutated into a brilliant electronic music producer that delves deep into the electro house style with subtle hints towards his older work, while blending rock, garage, and disco.

He debuted with his release “” at the end 2012 on after hitting No. 8 on the electro house charts. He’s received support from electronic music prodigies like , , , and a handful more. He joined  and on their North American bus tour back in 2014, and then shared the stage and decks with the one-and-only at the in front 2,000 fans. Pretty impressive for such a young producer.

Conro continues to pave the way in creating his sound and has no intentions slowing down anytime soon. Be sure to follow him and support his new EP .

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