Coldplay's greatest hits ranked: Their 10 best singles

For one the biggest bands in the world, Coldplay have always got an incredibly divided reaction.

Whether it's former Oasis mentor Alan McGee deciding they make "music for bedwetters" or Kanye West putting them "on the same level as The Beatles", we like to think Chris Martin and co are somewhere in between.

But one thing's for sure: they've changed a hell a lot across their seven albums.

Digital Spy has ranked Coldplay's 10 biggest hits - ones that entered the Top 10 the UK singles chart (before you complain at the absence 'Don't Panic' and 'Lost!') - so take a look below:


Released: August 5, 2002 • Chart peak: No.2

This rousing gem was the first sign that Coldplay weren't just another Travis the post-Britpop era. After winning over pretty much the whole world with their debut album Parachutes, even headlining Glastonbury f the back it, most probably expected more the same melancholic goodness. But Will Champion's crashing drums and Jonny Buckland's looming guitar line ensured this was a band who liked to evolve.

9. 'MAGIC'

Released: March 3, 2014 • Chart peak: No.10

"I just got broken, broken into two," grieves Chris Martin in the opening verse, but it wasn't until a certain conscious uncoupling a few weeks after 'Magic's premiere that we all sadly realised exactly what he meant. Although he spends most Ghost Stories aching for the times he and Gwyneth once had, it's here where he refuses to give up on the chemistry love. Awww, what a stie.

8. 'FIX YOU'

Released: September 5, 2005 • Chart peak: No.4

Before being manipulated to eternity everywhere from reality talent shows to not-one-but-TWO Ricky Gervais sitcoms, the first time 'Fix You' was heard anywhere was in The O.C. when Caleb had his fatal heart attack. Tragic. The only person it was really meant for, however, was Gwyneth, whose father had just passed away. Seriously though - imagine being a novice and hearing those drums kick in for the first time…


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