Brixton's Club 414 faces closure and redevelopment for the third time

For the third time in over two years, Brixton's is once again facing foreclosure.

Louise Barron and Tony Pommell have owned and operated Club 414 for more than three decades, making it one the oldest venues in Brixton and also one the only party spaces in the area with a 24-hour license. The club has been plagued by misfortune since 2013 after the club was shut down by the police due to a shooting incident that left a DJ/promoter hospitalized. The closure the venue was reversed after an outpour community support and on the condition that security at the door be increased dramatically.

Since then, Louise Barron, Tony Pommell and the Club 414 community have gone head-to-head with the venue's landlord and the city council with petitions and formal objections against previous plans to demolish the place and build three flats and a store. While the actions the club's community eventually led them to victory against the planning permission in 2016, Club 414 now faces a new threat: the multimillion-pound bar chain Be At One, which has already submitted plans to turn the venue into a cocktail bar.

Barron and Pommell plan to rally the community once again. "We have overcome this obstacle twice before and can do it again with the help those who are as passionate about London’s nightlife as much as we are – it’s time to take back the night."

A social media campaign using the hashtag #Save414 has been ramping up and formal complaints directed towards these plans are starting to roll in. You can show your support and fight the good fight by submitting a formal objection to the planning permission .

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