Ben Klock has compiled a new compilation titled ‘Klockworks 20’ in celebration his label’s 20th release. The 20-track outing features a range Klockworks artists, and is out this Monday, September 25.

DVS1 and Etapp Kyle, both long-time artists the Berlin-based label, appear on the first EP. Heiko Laux, Benny Rodrigues, Sterac, Jay Clarke and Tervino also have contributions.

New faces to the label include Dax J, Jon Hester, Troy, Ritzi Lee, Reus, High Position, Yoikol, Newa and Adam Craft.

The triple package which contains three double-EPs plays through as an album ranging from techno, deep atmospheres, acid and house.

Ben Klock created the artwork, as he has done for every other Klockworks record design. Check out a preview below.