An Ibiza pilot had to leave his cockpit to give boozy passengers a bollocking

If there’s one thing you can count on this world, it’s that there will be drunk AF people on a flight to Ibiza. And one pilot has had enough.

In possibly the best impression a year 9 social studies teacher we’ve ever seen, the Jet2 captain read out the riot act to rowdy passengers on a flight from Edinburgh after a couple had already been led away by police.

, he said: “People want a good holiday, a nice flight and not have any trouble, loud raucous behavior and drunkenness.

“Now I don’t want to talk to people as if they’re naughty children, that won’t work, but what I can tell you is just for company policy, if you get drunk on this flight, we’ll divert, we’ll put you f the plane and we’ll give you the bill for the diversion.”

The passenger that filmed the speech told The Sun there was one girl on the plane so drunk she “could barely look straight”.

Drinking in airports has been a hot topic recently with for passengers waiting to board a flight. Jet2 are the only airline to not serve alcohol on flights, perhaps after during a flight to Ibiza in 2015.

Authorities in Ibiza have also called for in the past.

In other airline-related news, an easyJet pilot was after admitting to flying a plane while suffering the after-effects taking ecstasy.

Also, never forget the time Scottish holidaymakers MK's remix Storm Queen's 'Look Right Through' on a Jet2 flight bound for Ibiza.

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