Amanda Bynes Says She Was On Drugs When Asking Drake To "Murder" Her Vagina

Notoriously troubled actress Amanda Bynes recently clarified her infamous 2013 tweet asking Drake to “murder” her vagina in an interview with The Lowdown. Bynes, who says she’s been sober for the past three years, blamed drugs for her provocative post, but admits she would have been down had Drake taken her up on the fer.

“I actually wasn’t being insincere,” Bynes said. “I was, like, saying ‘Murder my vagina.’ I was serious, but I was also on drugs. So that was my way saying, like, ‘Let’s do it, man!’ But I was, like, on drugs and trying to be hilarious.”

While it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to decipher what the phrase “murder my vagina” actually meant, Bynes did explain it was just another way saying “fuck me, Drake.”

Drake responded to Bynes’ tweet in August 2013, calling it “weird and disturbing,” according to Huffington Post. 

Bynes has stirred up controversy on Twitter before, when she exchanged insults with Rihanna (interestingly enough, the same year she tweeted about Drake), saying: “Chris Brown beat you up because you’re not pretty enough.”

Rihanna replied with a remark that suggested she could tell Bynes was on drugs: “See what happens when they cancel intervention,” she wrote.

Apparently, RiRi was right.

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