A new record for the Largest B2B DJ Relay has been set… BY US!

You heard it here first, folks, we did it!

Nearly 12-months ago we organised the attempt to break the in collaboration with V Energy MoVement, a record previously set at 132 DJs, and we have finally received confirmation from Guinness World Records that we were successful in our attempt.

On october 21st - over the course 8-hours - 147 Sydney based DJs rolled through 107 Projects in Redfern, for a seamless b2b session. Among the DJs, some familiar faces partook in the day, such as swindail, Polographia, Kato, Badrapper and Kinder among others.

For those unaware the process, each DJ had to play one track and mix out the previous track. Seems easy enough, but when you're dealing with 147 DJs it can become a headache.

Thankfully though, everyone was o their A-Game and we're now ficially in the record books!

Thanks again to everyone who partook in the day, whether you were a DJ or just a punter watching it all unfold. What record should we break next?

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