​Romy of The xx: "We’ve got plans to release our techno tunes”

Following the release their third album ‘I See You’ in 2016, The xx have revealed there may be more new music coming very soon in the form electronic, dance-driven tracks.

In a recent interview with Australian publication , Romy Madley Crt said the band has plans to release “techno tunes”. The singer, songwriter and guitarist The xx also touched on how she wanted a more upbeat motif to the new album.

“We’ve got plans to release our techno tunes… We’ve loved having more upbeat music in our set. We’ve remixed ourselves, there’s some older songs that we now play at 120 bpm… People probably assume that Jamie brought the injection dance music to the last album but in a way it’s funny because Oliver and I were inspired by what he was doing and when he got back he was actually the one who wanted to come in and slow it down.”

The previously released material from The xx had a slower, stripped back essence, but Romy likes seeing their crowd dance: “It’s a nice change to be able to make people dance at The xx’s shows and to see that range emotions.”

On whether she plans to release a solo album, like her bandmate Jamie XX did with ‘In Colour’, Romy says it’s not a priority right now: “I don’t know. It’s definitely not something I’m craving. I think with Jamie he makes so much music all the time, he’s always got his head in Pro-Logic on tour. He’s inspired me and I’m trying to get better at Pro-Logic. But at the moment I’m all in with the band.”

Look for The xx to continue their extensive world tour in the coming months.

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