​Illegal schemes in India offer "rave packages" with MDMA and hashish

Recent arrests made in the port city Kochi, India revealed a collective drug smugglers who turned their scheme into “passenger transport and package tour operations” fering drugs and accommodations, according to local publication .

A spokesperson from the city police said ficers recently arrested two people in possession MDMA and hashish, who told how they organized illegal “rave trips for youngsters” to popular hotspots like Bengaluru, Goa and Coimbatore.

“The duo recently sent a group students from a private law college on the city outskirts to Goa for 25,000 rupees per head. Each tourist was entitled to two grams MDMA, five grams hashish, three packets ganja, besides entry tickets to a rave party, accommodation facilities, and return tickets.”

In a separate incident, local police shared they also recently arrest five men who attended a “rave party” in Goa. Apparently they were also returning from a trip that was organized by an illegal drug racket similar to the previous incident.

Earlier this month Goa announced a and police have been directed to .

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