​Gorillaz tear up the dancefloor in new ‘Strobelight’ video

Following the release their album ‘Humanz’, animated band Gorillaz have shared the video for their single with legendary vocalist Peven Everett titled ‘Strobelight’.

Set in a London nightclub, the video follows 2D and Noodle as they take to the dancefloor while Murdoc and Russell hang back. Peven Everett, who is known for his work with Roy Davis Jr and the influential track ‘Gabriele’, is seen singing in the neon atmosphere.

Gorillaz have been on a roll in 2017. Their long awaited fifth album was packed with collaborations, and although it might not have been what many fans were looking for, . Also, just last month Gorillaz held their Demon Dayz Festival in Margate and .

Read an interview with the Gorillaz band members and listen to a mix by Murdoc .

Watch the ‘Strobelight video below and look for a remix by Kaytranada coming soon.

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